postfix – mailbox size limit and message size limit

WARNING: Postfix ( is my MTA of choice. I use it for my mailserver due to its simplicity , security and sendmail-compatible (the widely used smtp in the world but not as secure). It is also extensible by plugging other servers for various purposes (antispam, antivirus,database etc). I had one problem with file attachment larger … Weiterlesen

What is the character set and collation of that MySQL Database

It does not happen often, but every once in a while you are helping someone debug his code. You run across his Database and need to double check NOW how he created that thing. To get this information you need to check: USE db_name; SELECT @@character_set_databse, @@collation_database; Alternatively, to display the values without changing the … Weiterlesen

A true SSLContext object is not available. This prevents urllib3 from configuring SSL appropriately and may cause certain SSL connections to fail.

You probablly pip installed something and have python prior to 2.7.9? Well then this can happen. It is really simply solved by installing the missing dependancies. Do: pip install –upgrade requests[security] … or add sudo if you are not root. Now if it tells you it is already satisfied, then you need to upgrade the … Weiterlesen

change postfix sender or recipient address for the future or already stuck in the mailque messages

In postfix one can change the addresses in the header. No really news for anyone, but usually something you need when you do not expect it. This usually happens when something went wrong and a whole load of messages went out with „.local“ as sender.

Postfix does this with „maps“. If you do not already have one then you generate one. So to mess with this you would use one of two maps.


Here you can do any rewrite, as the word „generic“ may have already had you guessing.

nano /etc/postfix/


HowTo script bypass of a captcha

I will be honest with you, I personally have no clue other than the obvious. One would have to understand how each one works. If there is a sound file available for the captcha, there would enough diktation software around to get one started. If it is a simple picture one can get any OCR … Weiterlesen