Sorry was busy quite bit an stopped mids moving the website to a new server. Well, done now and up and running again. Will now finally upgrade my WordPress and get rolling with the Blog again.

Argument list too long

Well, if that is the error you are getting on your Linux box then it looks like you have just got too many things that you are trying to run through the mill in your shell. I stumbled accross this one Basic reason being how the shell handles wildcards. If the list gets too long, … Weiterlesen

Check mailserver with telnet

Well, every once in a while you need to do this. And what was the command again ?? How did that work exactly ?? As my memory is getting overloaded once in a while I decided to post my favorite Link right here, that way I know where it is next time I need it. … Weiterlesen


Well, I am not really a YouTube user, but I got the below two links … and even I was laughing. Mac Donalds Rap: Not a VW commercial: Hope you enjoy them.

Synchronizing Time on Win 2000 Server

Well you would imagine that the Win 2000 Server would know what time it is. Well if you tell it what time it is, it will know, but you don’t want to go on telling it every week, just to make sure it is still in sync. So, there are a few little services wich will do that for you.

Lets open the cmd shell and type:

net time /querysntp

… if nothing is set up there won’t be much output. So go surf in the internet and pick yourself a time server which is near you. Let’s say you find

Now we need to tell your server that this is the machine wich we are going to adjust the time to.

net time /

or if you feel better about having two or more time servers available do the following:

net time /setsntp:""


Older IE standalone versions

While testing website code I often get to the point of using multiple computers and multiple systems and multiple VM Wares. I have some old CD-Roms with old browsers, but let’s get real, I don’t carry them around with me all the time, so I was out searching for some older IE versions and stumble … Weiterlesen