Google Sitelinks – not explained

Well I have been asked and asked about what these extra Links on Google are and HOW does one get them.

I have no clue !! Honest !!

They have shown up I believe already over a year ago. There is no way to purchase them. They only show up on Links which are at postion #1 for a certain keyword, but not for all position #1 that exist. There are even ones which show up for a keyword-combo (two words being searched).

Google only has a little wishy washy answer … which translated yould mena something like „we are doing it automated on our own but not telling you how so that you can’t go selling it as SEO or anything like that and other engines can’t copy, but yes, the exist.“

The reality of what Google says can be found in the Google Blog or in the help section on Google:

Some examples would be … hmmmm … if you are using, try „fressnapf“ if you are using try „raindance“ or try „body shop“.

Google says that it is dependent on your website strukture … well, now that is data everyone can work with. Well, not really. But it does tell us that the algorithm is still in the beginning stages and that the easiest is probably to call your folder what the subject ist and to call your links that go there the same and make sure that they are all listed near the top of your index page.

All you need now is a keyword or keyword-combo which will throw your site up on Google on position #1.

Easy isn’t it.

Well I hope this article doesn’t just show my frustration but also gets you some info.

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  1. Well there seems to be something to that, WHICH would mean that this is NOT truly automated. Someone must be looking at what the automation figured out and then hit OK or NOT OK.

    Why am I saying this … well if you try „audi“ for instance. It is clear that this is a brand. It shows up with sitelinks in not on Why ??

    Let’s take „raindance“ … even though it is a brand and does show up for the rightful owner of the brand (hnsgrohe) there are no sitelinks. Try the same on … and you get yet anther product named raindance … but they have got sitelinks.

    Here my final example which convinced me that someone is looking at all of that before it goes online … try „flying“ on It is a common Word, there is no Trademark or anything possible on that word. But here we are with „Flying Magazine“. There is no way the „automation“ knew that, a human on the other side decided.

    So what it looks like we’ve got is an automation which picks up on all possible possibilities for sitelinks and then a guy or team which sits there and says YES or NO.

    Well, this info didn’t really help either now, did it. Someone got a phone number to that team at google ??

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