Limbo CMS – Warning

Trying out the Limbo-CMS again. I have had one of the early versions but at that time the beta was still really beta. Now it seems to be stable for quite a bit so let’s go.

The install was without errors, that’s good.

Nice on the three options on the Database (SQlite, MySQL or Text).

Unfortunatley the first bad point is popping up right after the installation. The Design Template Code ist still not compatible with W3W Standards and Opera is having a Problem with the Searchbox.

Well, that is a small problem.

Other than that it looks quite nice and all tested features seem to work, can’t really say more other than it is a miniature Mambo or Joomla. A bit faster but of course not as many options and Plug-ins.

One other thing I noticed and that is that there seem to still be a fewo old Mambo typical Security Problems with Limbo. Shortly after installing it and testing it for a few days I was listed in Google with „Limbo CMS“ and shortly thereafter I had a few Scriptkidies at my front door.

They got in quite easy over an Exploit and started uploading their „Italian Filmies“ (Yes, really … 700MB worth of Italian Film kopied via video camera in a movie theater).

After that I killed the whole Installation.

So, my suggestion to you out there … get Joomla if that is what you are looking for, stay away from Limbo until they mess with it a bit more and get some of the old Mambo Exploits fixed.