Poll Plugin vs Democracy


All about the Poll Plugin was alreadyin the previous post. Well it didn’t tunr out to be that great after all. Yes it was a poll as expected, but the formatting was horrible and the integration into WordPress wasn’t what it should be.

So I ran across Democracy from Andrew Sutherland at http://blog.jalenack.com

Ok, so in the sidebar it wasn’t too great, but throwing it into Posts seems ok but not a too great solution (even though I am doing it). Maybe I will integreat it into a separate page or I will get a design with a better sidebar.

It is an drop into Plugins installation AND it lets you choose that your members can add their own answer if you wish.


Na ja wie ihr seht bin ich jetzt bei Democracy gelandet und nicht mehr beim poll Plugin. Besser ist er ja doch so zufrieden bin ich auch nicht. Hmmmm … irgendwie auf der Suche nach noch ein bischen mehr.