Website deface by someone from Indonesia

Really great.

Well there was once a website of a friend of mine. On the 21st of February someone in Indonesia decided that he was stupid, bored and had generally nothing to do.

After doing some looking around the „someone“ identifies to be:

An Indonesion Male at the age of 24 living somewhere in Denpasar (Bali) »» Bitung (MaNaDo) »» Batam Island.

Nice to know, but not very helpful.

So, lets get back to forensic …

Nothing special, just a copy cat which got in using an unpatched „Exploit“ someone else found and posted a public availabel script for. He didn’t cover his tracks, he didn’t leave intelligently placed backdoors, nothing.

Ok, so this one doesn’t qualify to be called a hacker, but turns out to be a board to death, usless in the brain, script kiddy. That’s it.

Too bad, I finally thought we had a ral live hacker on the leach here.