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Also ich bin ja sonst so nicht der “jedes Gadget muss her” typ. Aber ab und an packt es einen doch.

Das Teil ist definitv auf meiner Bestellliste und das ganz oben. Die Frage ist nicht ob sondern nur noch wieviele.

change postfix sender or recipient address for the future or already stuck in the mailque messages

In postfix one can change the addresses in the header. No really news for anyone, but usually something you need when you do not expect it. This usually happens when something went wrong and a whole load of messages went out with “.local” as sender.

Postfix does this with “maps”. If you do not already have one then you generate one. So to mess with this you would use one of two maps.


Here you can do any rewrite, as the word “generic” may have already had you guessing.

nano /etc/postfix/

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Installing php5-intl for easier internationalisation of PHP scripts

If you are just doing your own thing you will probably never run into this. But if you are doing things which need to be compatible with languages that seem to have rather funny letters looking like this = äöü … then this is for you.

To get the basic package installed on Debian simply:

aptitude install php5-intl

Then get it loaded and confugred the way you need it. Easiest is pack it all in one file.

nano /etc/php5/mods-available/intl.ini

This is what mine says, mind you that this is for the gmeran umlauts.

; configuration for php Internationalisation module
; priority=20

intl.default_locale = de_utf8

intl.error_level = E_WARNING

A brief explanation to what parameters can be set can be found here:

In terms of how the language code is set and what it entails, this is for german, the others are just a couple of clicks away:

I am not sure where in the docs I read it, but Intl will refer to the ICU standards in terms of language setting.

This works of course on windows as well. Just use your editor of choice instead of nano.


HowTo script bypass of a captcha

I will be honest with you, I personally have no clue other than the obvious. One would have to understand how each one works.

If there is a sound file available for the captcha, there would enough diktation software around to get one started.

If it is a simple picture one can get any OCR Software to try it.

If it conbsist of terrible picture … well …

Installing the tracker from my previous post will lead you sooner or later to the following website:

… and I though I had seen it all. Someone is actually making money with this. But of course you are not allowed to do anything illegal with the API … right … !!